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Mold Removal Richmond CA and Contra Costa County

Mold damage gradually destroys the things they grow on, and left unchecked mold can cause serious structural damage. More importantly,  the presence of toxic mold poses serious health risks. Inhalation exposure to mold spores indoors can cause headaches, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and serious negative long-term health effects. Inhaling, ingesting, or even contacting the toxic byproducts of mold (mycotoxins) can lead to even graver health concerns.

It is extremely important to contact an experienced professional when mold damage is discovered, and we fill that role. Our experience, training, and state-of-the-art equipment allow mold remediation for virtually any mold contamination, and we can take care of all of your mold damage cleanup and mold removal Fort Myers FL needs.

Fire Damage Restoration Richmond CA and Contra Costa County

Fire not only destroys what it touches, it creates soot that adheres to walls, ceilings, floors and contents. In addition, smoke leaves behind difficult-to-remove stains and odors. Rebuilding part of your home instead of constructing one from the ground up is a very specialized procedure.

Building materials, design and finishes all have to be matched to the remaining structure.  Smoke odor must be neutralized in all remaining building components.

Upon arrival, our team will secure your home or business and then focus on preventing further damage and deterioration to safeguard precious items.

Air Duct Cleaning Richmond CA and Contra Costa County

As your HVAC system draws in more air, it also draws in contaminants. These contaminants tend to collect on smoke and fire dampers inside the ductwork. This can create a safety issue. As the debris worsens, the damper could stop operating. This would cause the ductwork to convey the smoke and/or fire to other occupied areas of the building. Therefore, it is imperative that the dampers be cleaned and serviced regularly.

Air duct systems could easily convey fire and/or smoke throughout your structure if the damper systems are not functioning properly. Due to budget crunches and other circumstances, it is not always possible for your maintenance staff to attend to the inspection and service of the damper systems.

We offer our trained and certified staff to inspect and service your damper systems in accordance with existing standards!  We are happy to discuss our services with you and will gladly give you an estimate for fire/smoke damper inspection and service.  With a copy of the mechanical blueprints of your facility, we can assess the time involved, as well as the expense for our service.